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Other name: Azumi
Film genre: samurai, drama, adventures
Year of release: 2003
Director: Kitamura Ryukhey
In roles: Ueto Ai, Oguri Hsiung

Information on the film:
In one of lonely monasteries, by rigid selection and special trainings the caste of professional murderers was created. Ten graduates met in deadly fight. In live there are best. Mission on prevention of civil war by destruction of governors of three provinces is intended to it. But time was missed and now Azumi is necessary battle with huge army of the last governor …

Tags: And, Samurai fighter, Drama, Adventures»Is more detailed


Other name: Flirt
Film genre: drama, comedy
Year of release: 1995
Director: Hal Hartley
In roles: Paul Ostin, Robert John Berk

Information on the film:
The film is divided into three parts, and in each of them practically on the same scenario quite different stories are played. Hartley tries to tell that Wednesday defines sense of words, as though emotionally these words did not sound. So in New York, Berlin, and Tokyo the same words get the paints, the cities refract dialogue and through neon fires of Tokyo and New York before us the kaleidoscope of verbal vzaimotnosheniye even if all that occurs — it simply flirtation suddenly comes off.

Tags: Ф, Comedy, Drama»Is more detailed

Gamera 2

Other name: Gamera 2: Assault of the Legion
Film genre: fantasy, horrors
Year of release: 1996
Director: Kaneko Syusuke
In roles: Kobayasi Akidzi, Nagasima Tosiyuki

Information on the film:
In Japan the strange meteor which lets out in Tokyo "Legion" from hundred terrible space insects, smetayushchy all on the way lands. Neither the police, nor armed forces cannot cope with parasites. Only Gamer's huge fire-spitting turtle is capable to enter fight with ruthless тварями, and to rescue mankind...

Tags: G, Fantasy, Horrors»Is more detailed

Women in a mirror

Other name: Kagami no onnatach
Film genre: drama
Year of release: 2002
Director: Yosida Yosisige
In roles: Okada Mariko, Tanaka Yosiko

Information on the film:
Natsuki lives with the grandmother and never saw the mother who left it right after the birth. And at this time the police arrests the woman suffering from loss of memory for attempt of kidnapping...

Tags: Drama»Is more detailed

Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.

Other name: Gojira tai Mosura tai Mekagojira
Film genre: fantasy, fighter, thriller
Year of release: 2003
Director: Tedzuk Masaaki
In roles: Kaneko Noboru, Yosiok Mikho

Information on the film:
Passed year after fight of the Godzilla with the Mechanical Godzilla. And here new prevention: Japanese should return to the ocean everything that they kept from the first invasion of the Godzilla. Both bones, and organic fabrics, - everything, up to DNA molecules, it is necessary to send in a chasm of waters to receive chance of quiet life. The prevention it proceeds from other legendary monster - from Motra who always was the vicious enemy of the Godzilla.

Tags: G, Fighter, Thriller, Fantasy»Is more detailed