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The second passed call

Other name: Chakushin ari 2
Film genre: horrors, thriller, mysticism
Year of release: 2005
Director: Tsukamoto Renpey
In roles: Yosidzava Ю, Isibasi Rendzi

Information on the film:
Kioko works in kindergarten for a full rate, and in the evenings studies children's therapy, and at it almost does not remain to time to meet the guy Naoto - the ambitious photographer. Once Kioko runs in the Chinese restaurant where earns additionally Naoto. On a threshold from its mobile phone the terrible call is distributed. They learn this sound which preceded calls with «a death forecast», sounding in last year.

Tags: In, the Thriller, Mysticism, Horrors»Is more detailed


Other name: Dororo
Film genre: adventures, mysticism
Year of release: 2007
Director: Siota Akikhiko
In roles: Tsumabuki Satosi, Sibasaka Co

Information on the film:
8 demons-madzinov learned that at the Samurai to Daygo Kagemitsa the child who should become the Messiah will be born. Then they offered the Samurai the power over all Japan if it gives them 48 pieces from the son. The Samurai agreed, demons received the, and remains small the Messiahs were combined in a cradle and sent on the river.

Tags: Д, Mysticism, Adventures»Is more detailed

The yellow

Other name: Pulse
Film genre: horrors, thriller, mysticism, fantasy
Year of release: 2001
Director: Kurosawa Kiyosi
In roles: Kato Harukhiko, Aso Kumiko

Information on the film:

Once people began to vanish in Tokyo. The young man who has developed the unique computer program by means of which communication between people was facilitated very much at first was gone. His loyal friends looked for it some days while one of his girlfriends, having come to it home, did not find on a wall a shadow of the guy who in a flash has exhaled, having left traces of any unknown substance. Then all also was started turning.

Tags: Thriller, Fantasy, Mysticism, Horrors»Is more detailed

Master Musi

Other name: Mushishi
Film genre: fantasy, drama, mysticism, live
Year of release: 2006
Director: Otomo Katsukhiro
In roles: Esumi Makiko, Omori Nao

Information on the film:
Outside of the real world there live beings, completely distinct from plants and animals. People were afraid of these strange creations since the most ancient times. Since that old time began to call them Musi. Муси — beings at level between spirits and animals. See them the one who possesses this gift since the birth can only.

Tags: M, Drama, Mysticism, Fantasy, Live Action»Is more detailed

Death Note

Other name: Desu noto
Film genre: drama, mysticism, horrors, live
Year of release: 2006
Director: Kaneko Syusuke
In roles: Fudzivara Tatsuya, Matsuyama Kenjiti

Information on the film:
The senior in life has Layta Yagami all: successes in school, popularity among contemporaries, remarkable parents, the brilliant future. It is possible, therefore it is so heavy to live in peace to it, full of injustice and to realize that no laws are capable to correct people – and to clear the world of the evil. But once the young man finds a strange black writing-book and gets acquainted with her owner – синигами Ryuuk.

Tags: T, Drama, Mysticism, Horrors, Live Action»Is more detailed